Sunday, May 15, 2011

Martes? ya??

Hola chicos!!

If you have stumbled upon this, then you have figured out that I am going to Spain this Tuesday. Yes, that's right Tuesday is only two days away- what the heck?! So... in an effort to keep everyone updated, I figured this would be the easiest way. I will be updating this site periodically with stories and pictures. Knowing Kalin and I (and our incredible planning skills...) and the things that happened in my last Spain trip, there are sure to be plentyyyy of fun things to write about (for those who know, think about IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, these kids could be yours, or the Paris Metro incident).

And--- check out the background on this page. I found this on the website and it's actually the bull ring in Ronda-- which is a town that Kal and I will actually be visiting! Pretty exciting stuff.

So, the next two days are going to go by pretty quickly, spending time with the fam, packing, picking up last minute stuff, and such. I'm trying to not have to check a bag on the plane, so it's going to be pretty interesting to try and pack everything in a  tiny suitcase, hmph.

I can't believe this is actually coming together! I remember first opening a savings account back in October to start funding for the trip. Weird.

Well, more updates to come. Hope you enjoy! :)

Here's a little preview of what's to come (all taken in 2009):

Here is the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca!

The old university "fachada". Try and find the frog, it's good luck!

Some friends and I in the patio of San Boal, our class building.

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