Monday, June 13, 2011

Salamanca- hasta ahora

Finally, it's time for a Salamanca post. So much has been happening here that it will be impossible to chronicle it all, but here is an overview:

May 31st- June 3rd:
Kal and I made it to my Resi and got moved in. We had a great time exploring the city and being able to cook-- yes- I have a kitchenette! There are no pans... just two pots, but we made due with what we had. It was nice to eat real chicken and spinach and veggies for the first time since we had been at the Cole's. We spent the week just hanging out around the city and relaxing. At that point we were pretty tired of being tourists, so it was nice just to unpack and relax.

June 3rd- June 6th: Madrid (abridged)!

Kal and I spent this weekend and Madrid and it was a blast. On Friday night, we just started exploring the city and ended up at this random Louisiana-style concert in a plaza in the city center, and it was awesome. It turns out that the band was from New Orleans, but were traveling through Madrid.

On Saturday, we went on a bike tour, which was great. Met some cool London-ers and a neat older couple from Minnesota. After the tour, we went to Retiro, one of the nicest parks in Madrid and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and exploring the city (which included a trip to Starbuck's- lovely!). That night, we ended up at this random Bollywood Festival- had some incredible Indian tapas, then joined about 1,000 Spanairds in this random plaza to watch Bride and Prejudice (in English with Spanish subtitles)- it was hilarious.

Sunday.... went to Palacio Real in the morning and then to the Rastro afterwards. Then just enjoyed the city and went to Retiro again.

Monday- took Kalin to the airport super early. Said a very sad goodbye, then went back to the hostel and hung out for a while. That afternoon, I went out to Las Rozas, a suburb of Madrid and did a WOD with CrossFit Madrid. It was the first time I did a WOD with an actual CrossFit gym, and it was a BLAST. The trainers there were awesome and got a great work-out in! It was fun learning some new vocabulary.. WOD-EDD (ejercicio del dia), abs (abdominales) and box jumps (saltos al cajon) just to name a few. I definitely plan to go back whenever I head back to Madrid at the end of June.

June 7- Today:

Attending classes and enjoying "la vida salamantina". It's nice to not have much responsibility while here. I've been able to study for class (I'm learning a TON) and have been able to enjoy the nice weather we've had this past weekend. Until now, it's been in the 50s and 60s and freezing. It's nice to be able to wear shorts and dresses again.This time in Salamanca has definitely been different from the last time I was here, but it has been a great experience and I am very glad that I have been able to come back. Sometimes I still can't believe that I am in Spain (and have been for almost a month now). I'm becoming more convinced than ever that I will definitely be back to live here for a year or two at some point...

Okay, that's all for now. Sorry for the short post- but more information to come soon!

 Under the cobweb at a concert in the Plaza. The concert started by this giant orange thing covering everyone... it stayed that way for about an hour until everyone started to break through the top... it was quite interesting.

Elaine and Claudine in the Plaza at night

Kalin in front of the main side of the plaza!

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