Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vamos al Medico!

Can you believe June is almost over? It FLEW by. I leave Salamanca on Wednesday, and fly out from Madrid on Thursday. Then it's Grapevine for Friday and Saturday then to Austin on Sunday! That means in one week from today, I will be back on Avenue A! :)

Don't get me wrong, I am having a blast here, but as these are the last few days, I've already started thinking about what the rest of the summer will be like, working on stuff for FLESA and for internship and have been thinking about all of the wonderful things back in Texas. Without further ado (I know you are all dying for this), the top 10 things (in no particular order) I am excited about doing upon arrival in the states!

1. Seeing family and friends (duh.)
2. Jogging on my normal trail around Hyde Park, and not getting stared at funny for working out. Spanish girls don't like to sweat and therefore do not work out, ever. I always get the weirdest looks when I go to the Bajas.
3. Whole Foods goodness
4. The Lodge and the Sunshine House! I am such a nester, and I really do miss my room, and living room, and porch, and porch swing, and ghetto kitchen, and the window in my bedroom that goes to Narnia, and blue room with the rotting wood.... need I continue?
5. Sonic! (I've actually stopped drinking soda these last three weeks, but I do plan on indulging on a Route 44 Cherry Vanilla DP when I get back)
6. Doing nothing (or everything!) at Miranda's apt with my fav non-Texan friends. This includes taking the tandem bike out for a stroll in the neighborhood and the fabulous walks to Sonic.
7. Ego's Karaoke...
8. Swimming. Really anywhere. It's summer, and since Cadiz, I haven't been swimming once. There is a problem with that.
9. LINDY HOP. It's been way, way, way too long.
10. Driving. I'm sure that Poco has missed me, and I sure have missed him. My car is like my own personal little sanctuary, where I can get away from the world. It will be nice to get in the car, roll the windows down, blast some music and just enjoying driving.

So yes, there it is. I do love America and will be happy to be back. However, I really have enjoyed these past 6 weeks and will be sad to leave Spain. But- I still have until Thursday! :) Time to aprovechar!

Since it's been so long since the last post, here is a breakdown of fun events from this past week:

Tuesday, 6-21:

Trip to see Dr. Cuadrado. Elaine got back from Portugal on Monday morning and said her eye had been red since Saturday, and there was actually a bump on it. Since she was leaving on Wednesday to travel for the next few weeks, she was a little worried. Luckily, we get insurance through Cursos (our program) which includes free trips to the doctor. I do not know all of the specifics about how healthcare works here in Spain, but this was quite an experience. 

We get to the office, which looks like it is in an apartment building, check in, and go to the waiting room. The waiting room was smaller, stuffy and the windows were frosted, so it gave the room a very weird feeling. Also strange: as we were sitting there waiting, and a couple in their mid-50s comes in. Normally, when you are in the waiting room at the doctor's office, no one says anything to each other. This couple comes in, Hola, hola, como estais, que tal? To everyone. Pretty funny.

Not to long after that, Elaine gets called back. We follow the receptionist back and she shows us the door to the room. We open the door, and we literally walk into the Doctor's office. Not a sterile examination room with a bed and all of the other doctor-y stuff, his actual office. Bookshelf, computer, desk and all. And there was the doctor, sitting at his desk waiting for us. We were both taken aback, but we sat down in the chair's on the other side of his desk, and I begin to explain to him what was wrong with Elaine's eye. Throughout the whole explanation, he sits there playing on his iPhone. Once I finish, he puts his phone down, and walk around his desk to look at Elaine. He examines her eye for about 3 seconds and tells her that she has conjunctivitis. He walks back around to his desk, pulls out his prescription pad and writes a prescription. He then gives directions on how to take the medicine and said I hope you feel better soon! After that, I looked at him, and just asked "Y ya?" (Is that all?) and he assured us it was and we were good to go. So we thank him, walk out and begin to go back to the front desk, because that is the normal thing to do, where you normally give insurance information and pay the co-pay, but as we walked out of the office door, the receptionist opened the front door for us to leave (which was about 3 feet away) and gave us an "hasta luego!". And that was all. In total, from the time we walked in to the office from the time we walked out was about 7 minutes. Tops. Elaine and I both just stood in the hallway and started laughing at the whole thing.

In front of the office door.

The prescription. Completely illegible in any language.

Nothing else overly exciting happened in the last few days. Yesterday, I finally made it to see the exhibit by la Caixa, "de Nomadas a Sedentarios". This was an exhibit that detailed the history of how humans went from being hunter/gatherers and nomads in the Paleolithic and Neolithic era to settling down and building houses and communities (it went up the bronze age). It was super interesting, and I am glad that I walked all three miles (yeah... it was pretty far) to get there. It talked a lot about the advent of agriculture and how it has changed how society functions.

It was funny that this exhibit was in town, because since I've been in Spain, I've been reading "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson and have been doing research on the Paleo lifestyle (it's not a diet!!!). Prior to leaving for this trip, I was eating quasi-paleo (the quasi part included Kashi cereal, Ezekial bread and the ever necessary Sonic run), and since I've been cooking for myself in the dorm, I've been able to continue my quasi-paleo habits. However, when I get back, I am going to do the month challenge and have managed to recruit my parents to do the whole month and Amy to do the first two weeks with me! Woo! I am even going to try and convince Bronwyn to join me with it when she stays with me in August... ;)

As for now, that is all. Time to enjoy the last few days in Spain and make the most of the time here!

Neolitico part of the exhibit

One of my new favorite fruits. They are SO good here. I eat them like candy!!

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