Tuesday, June 28, 2011

¿......y ahora?

So, I've been spending the two hours collecting my things and getting everything ready to leave for tomorrow and there are about a million things going through my head.

First, I want to start with packing- I didn't include this story in the last post, but it is rather worthy of a mention. Last night I did a little bit of packing and realized that everything was fitting much better than on the way over here. Que suerte, no? Well, last week, I decided to send a box of clothes and shoes home so that there would be enough space in my suitcase and so that traveling by myself would be a little easier. So, I packed some dresses that I knew I wouldn't wear today (including my perfect lindy hopping dress), my jeans, two pairs of shorts that I wear regularly during the summer, and my Sperry's. I packaged the box really nicely, with the address clearly printed and I even managed to borrow some packing tape from the reception desk at the Resi. I walked two miles to get this to the Correo, fill out two pages of international package paperwork and wait for my turn. When my number gets called, I walk up to the window and the mail clerk takes one look at the box and says that I can't mail it. Apparently, international packages only ship out of Spain in special Correo boxes, or if they are not the Correo boxes, they have to be covered in plain brown paper, with this special sticker for the destinario and return address. Oye. She was nice enough to sell me the brown paper and name tags, so I go sit back down and spend the next ten minutes wrapping up the package. Whew. I go back, and start talking with her about the cheapest options to mail it. Earlier that morning, I had looked online, and "economico" was the cheapest way to go, so that is what I asked for. I asked if I could expect the package in the next two weeks and she looked at me like I was an idiot and said "si tienes suerte" (if you're lucky). As it turns out, shipping economico means the package travels by boat. Who even knew that shipping by boat was still an option? I asked her how much it would cost to ship the package by plane, and it was almost double the cost, so economico it was. The mail clerk goes on to tell me that it can take anywhere from 15 days to 3 months, and it really just depends on how full the boat is, if it's empty it takes less time, if it's full, it will take longer. But really- three months? De verdad???

Later in the day, I was telling Carlos about the whole thing, and he laughed and just said, hope you don't need any of that stuff anytime soon! He then went on to tell me about a time when he sent a package to America via boat and it took one year to get there. Yes, a full 365 days. Oh boy. So my box is on some boat (hopefully that's empty) voyaging across the Atlantic. Fingers crossed that I get the stuff before August at least! Oh well, it's just another Spanish experience to remember, right? Haha.

Besides that, the last few days have been pretty relaxed. Carlos and I went to the pool in his neighborhood yesterday, and I fell asleep while laying out for an hour and a half. Needless to say, I look like a lobster today. Actually, I seem to have acquired quite an array of tan lines since I've been here. Currently, I have the lobster burn that is just on my front side (because I forgot to turn over...), then the baller sports bra tan line on my back (something akin to the lifeguard line which I sported for the past few summers) from working out in the sun every day. Oh- I also have the shorts tan. It's really quite attractive. ;)

Today I finished classes and received Sobresaliente's (A's) across the board! Woo! I was a little worried about grammar, but Charo, my grammar teacher was wonderful and really helped me to understand the subjunctive. I had fun in my classes and did learn (not as much as hoped- gracias a todos los americanos), but it will be nice to have a break from school for the next two months. It's funny to think that I will actually never be done with school... at least in another year I will be teaching classes instead of taking them.

After class today, I ran a few random errands around town, then went to the Bajas with Carlos to work out. Since I've come to Spain I've starting doing CrossFit (trying to do Crossfit. There are some big modifications- 1- I'm super weak, 2- I don't have access to a lot of equipment). I introduced Carlos to Crossfit and barefoot running (something else I picked up here) and he got super into it. He borrowed my copy of the Primal Blueprint and is deadset in converting all of his friends. After working out, we just sat on the pista and hung out. It was sad saying goodbye to him today, we've become really good friends these past few weeks.

Tonight, I'm packing and just getting things ready to leave in the morning. It's still hard to believe that six weeks have already passed. Has it really been that long since I've seen my family, driven a car or ordered coffee in English? Like I said in the last post- I'm excited, but I really am going to miss it here. These past few weeks have been an extended vacation (no responsibility outside of school). Have I picked up the relaxed Spanish way of life? I'm a little worried for culture shock when I get back. Working? Waking up early? Responsibility? Rent? Bills?

Being here really has shown my how to relojar y disfrutar la vida. Hopefully I'll be able to apply that when I get back...

Nah, even though I have realized the importance of taking things slow and not too seriously, I don't think that I'll have too hard of a tim jumping back in to the American culture. I guess that I fit the Spanish stereotype of being overly-competitive and entirely too serious about life... maybe.

Tomorrow I take the early train out to Madrid and will spend the day hanging out and relaxing (and CrossFitting- at CF Madrid!), then will fly out on Thursday morning. So- it looks like this will be my last Spanish post!  If you are reading this- I appreciate that you took the time to stay connected and share a little life with me. Hopefully these posts were entertaining and didn't bore you too badly... ;)

Well- that's it on this side of the Atlantic, see you back in Texas!

Animo y a tope!!

"Nadie puede querete como yo"
No one can love you like I can.

Shot of the Old Cathedral. Passed this everyday on the way to school. Not too shabby, huh?

La ultima cena en Salamanca. A combination of the last of my groceries and a horrible Comedor means eating what's available. It's just pre-paleo practice, right? :)

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