Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to Las Aventuras de la Tejana

Hola a todos!

I am La Tejana, a 25 year old high school Spanish teacher by day, waitress by night with two degrees and WAY too much student loan debt (insert scary death music here).

This blog will chronicle my adventures in paying off these dreaded scary death music makers. Not just in the projected 10 year payment plan (which would total to over $100,000 of repayment), but in the ass-kicking, ninja chopping payment plan that I myself am creating. Inevitably, this blog might include lifestyle and culture musings, but only naturally, as we dive into the budget-depths of La Tejana. In this area, I ask you to read with an open mind. You might not always agree- but hey, where would the fun be if we all agreed on everything? This is a process- one in which I will constantly be striving to improve and better.

Let's break it down. As of right now, La Tejana is currently in the hole $69,500. I have three different lenders, 11 separate loans, and am paying 6.8% interest (ek!) on almost each of them. At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, How could a 25 year old be SO STUPID to get herself into SO MUCH student loan debt? To this I simply say, I agree. The thought of this much debt often keeps me up at night and I wonder why in the world I let myself get here.

However, since I began loan repayment in January of 2013, I've paid over $12,000  and have fully paid off 4 loans (also paying off one lender).

I'm pretty proud of what I have accomplished at this point, but thinking about what I could have done with that $11k makes me sick to my stomach. So much so, that I'm ready to move into ultra ass-kicking, ninja chopping mode to pay these suckers off as quickly as possible.

Enter Las Aventuras de la Tejana. My goal is that this blog keeps me accountable to squashing my loan debt and can provide some level of comfort to readers in similar situations. Read, comment, critique, encourage. Help keep me on track with early loan repayment and motivate yourself to do the same.

Hasta pronto!

***As you can tell, I am no professional blogger. Below are previous posts from a summer trip I took to Spain in 2011. I've left them up because 1) they serve as my journal for my time while there, and 2) the trip was spent using student loan money. It serves as a subtle reminder that my own lifestyle choices, not just tuition, are a large part of what got me here (and serve as incentive to be extra careful with my current and future spending).

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